Bringing the Balinese jungle on to our stage

The tropical stage set was designed and handcrafted by Make A Scene! Bali - a team of designers and expert weavers from Mengwi in Bali, dedicated to preserving time-honored traditions and keeping skilled craftsmanship alive.

The TEDxUbud team was very keen to work with Make A Scene! because not only are they showcasing amazing Balinese skills and traditions, but the concept also fit our 2018 theme perfectly with its completely biodegradable aspect- 'Seen' on stage, and then 'Unseen' and reabsorbed by nature within weeks. 

Arley Mardo - TEDx UBUD (STAGE) -75.JPG
Arley Mardo - TEDx UBUD (STAGE) -25.JPG

The concept for this year’s design was to bring Bali’s tropical island landscape, with its rich vegetation and lush plantation onto the stage. Each plant was individually hand-woven in a variety of different weaving techniques from slepan or coconut leaf.  A selection of the island’s most exotic native plants and flowers were chosen to form a lush visual backdrop of handmade jungle.

MAS Design.jpg

The team at MAS! loves to challenge themselves to introduce contemporary ideas and themes to push the boundaries of their work.

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Photo 2-5-18, 2 39 01 pm.jpg

The entirety of the installation was hand-woven in just two days, as working with natural leaf has a short timeframe for maximum freshness. However, the aging effects are beautiful to observe, as the rich greens of the leaf will evolve and change in tone as nature takes its course. Once the event has finished, the crafted foliage can be dismantled to form a big juicy pile of organic waste.

A green event with a green footprint for the island.

TEDxUbud Admin