Selamat Datang! Welcome to our fifth edition!

Welcome to Number Five.

We’re very proud of this baby. We believe you’ll stumble out of today’s experience filled to the brim with insights, ideas and inspiration from Indonesia’s and the world’s most passionate entrepreneurs, designers, explorers, storytellers, risk-takers, and performers. 

These are some seriously fascinating people.

But TEDxUbud is more than what you’ll see on stage. That’s why we’re going to post sensations, reflections, images, experiences and everything in-between across all our social media platforms into your lounge rooms, offices, hands and lives.

 This event is about people, the people on stage, the people in the audience and the people behind the scenes and we’re so excited to be sharing all of these wonderful inquisitive and creative people with you today. 

It’s going to be colourful, poetic, a little provocative and most likely a little bit messy.

Whether you’re at the event or tapping into the chaos from your own fabulous corner of the world, we encourage you to engage, share and most importantly, be inspired to act.

For those lucky 350 gathering within Fivelement’s stunning walls…

Document your experience, take tons of photos and help us tell the world about TEDxUbud!

Use #TEDxUbud. It works everywhere.