The food of TEDxUbud

Food is a huge part of the TEDxUbud experience. From the moment attendees arrive the food starts to flow and never stops.

The culinary team at Fivelements adds a whole new dimension to our food curation with their incredible expertise in creating delicious, local, nutritious, vegan and vegetarian feasts.


Chef Arnaud has designed the 2016 menu with a special emphasis on foraged local ingredients and food as medicine.

“The menu is all plant based; the only non vegan ingredient is honey and we use it as sweetener along with coconut palm sugar for dietetic reasons (low glycemic index and mineral rich.) All the food and drinks will be home-made with great care by our team of dedicated chefs.

The menu features seasonal, local, unrefined  products. Some of the dishes will be raw — not heated above 42 degrees to preserve natural food enzymes and vitamins.


Most of our ingredients choices are dictated by the wish to use local products. Coconut milk, oil, meat, sugar, tempeh, fruits and vegetables, herbs, red and black rice, spices, cashews, cacao products, honey etc. are all Balinese products.

The menu for TEDxUbud is a gentle fusion of Asian and Balinese ingredients cooked with western techniques and some western ingredients such as balsamic vinegar.

We will also  use some specific medicinal herbs, not so known by the general public, including:  Beluntas, Daun pidu (gotu kola), moringa and


We use a lot of tempeh, recognized by Indonesians as a staple but not known outside of the vegetarian world, as well as miso and a twisted version of Gomashio (using sun flower seeds instead of sesame seeds).”