Redesigning our consumer habits

Trash is not a “THEY” problem, it is a “WE” problem. Did you know we humans produce more than 2.6 trillion pounds of trash a year? That’s the weight of about 7,000 skyscrapers. How can we stop this? Being aware of who made your product in the supply chain is the key to conscious consumerism.

Kyle Parsons makes a living from your trash, in particular, your old tires. His concern for the waste disposal challenges in Bali, an island he visited and became enamored with during a surf trip in 2004 led him to eventually found Indosole, a company that repurposes Indonesia’s end-of-life tires into soles for footwear.

Sadly, more than one billion waste tires end up in landfills worldwide and in tropical islands like Bali, it can become breeding grounds for mosquitos, which the leads to the spread of malaria and dengue fever. Or they are burned for cheap fuel, leading to toxic oils and fumes.

With 15 years experience in action sports and fashion retail (including brands Ray Ban and Bern) Kyle now runs Indosole out of San Francisco; however, the 100% organic manufacturing process takes place in Bali, staffed by professional Indonesian craftspeople.

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