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2018 Theme:

Our speakers and performers explored the ideas of light and darkness—everything from astronomy, light technology, nocturnal animals and tales we tell in the dark, to art made with light, and even things we’d rather not shine the light on.

Half of our days are spent in the dark. Humans have been trying to find ways to keep the dark at bay for millennia and some of our most incredible innovations in Technology, Entertainment and Design have come about because of the need to bring light into the world.

Darkness is still a mystery, so much of what happens at night is still a secret, but the dark hours have given us humans the material and space to tell some of our best stories.

Our videos will be uploaded soon! Stay tuned.

“A faultless and fascinating event... it was spectacular.”
—Nadya Lurey
2014, 2016 TEDxUbud Attendee

—Ernest Prakasa
Standup Comedian
TEDxUbud Speaker

“TEDxUbud had spectacle, it had comedy, it had eye-moistening moments, it had astonishing moments, and it had raw vegan organic chocolate ice-cream. There was nothing missing from this picture.”
—Catriona Mitchell
UN&T Media Partner

“A fabulous job in all aspects. We enjoyed the program fully, the whole event was seamlessly organized.”
—Mary Jane Edleson
2013, 2014 TEDxUbud Attendee

“TEDxUbud holds a special place in my heart. One of the best events I have attended. I can now see why it is one of the best places for a TEDx event.”
—Tracey Habron
TEDxMelbourne Organizer

“t was a true honor to take part.”
—Nancy Margried
Batik Fractal Founder
TEDxUbud Speaker

“I know there will be a rush for tickets next year, I’d like to put my name down on the list for 2017 please?”
—Jonathan Roberts
2016 TEDxUbud Attendee

“Insanely great weekend at TEDxUbud. Everything worked out perfectly. Not likely to be forgotten soon.”
—Tika Anindya
TEDxJakarta Co-Founder