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Thank you

TEDxUbud 2017 Sponsors

Thank you to our Sponsors

From a company’s perspective, TEDx serves as a giant laboratory for growing a project or exploring new ideas and directions. We are excited about the possibilities of what this means to our partners as they leverage their brands while adding to the unique experience that is TEDxUbud.

The outstanding success of TEDxUbud is only possible thanks to the generous support of amazing organizations and individuals committed to creating a platform where the power of ideas will change attitudes, lives and ultimately, the world.

Thank you to each one of these supportive companies for making TEDxUbud 2017 happen.


2017 Community Sponsors

Sophia Leonard-Artha
Kazuhiro Obara
Mark Savage
Soma Temple
Raven Dunk
Piet Van Zyl
Jonathan Roberts
Davide Bonomi
Ewa Wojkowska
Toshi Nakamura
Richard Rice
John Abbott
Susan Tereba
Alan Spence
Sono & Naren King
Bud Hart
Filippo Sciascia
Salvatore Aljaidi
Surya Kuhn
Feby Jabrik
Fransisca Wijaya
Elis Taslim
Carolyn Tyler
Eva Natasa
Marco Cassani
Alysia Gilligan
Charlotte Spence
Mu'min Santoso
Bagus Ari Saputra


“TEDxUbud is imprinted in our hearts!” 

—Chicco Tatriele, President Director, Fivelements
2012, 2013, 2014, 2016 TEDxUbud Sponsor


“This is the second year Zurich Indonesia is presenting sponsor of TEDxUbud. As a player in the competitive insurance industry, innovation and ideas are some of the key strengths that Zurich has been proud of. The similarity between these core values and the spirit that TEDx embodies is indeed the very reason why we decided to participate in the event. This is also a perfect opportunity for Zurich Indonesia to expand our presence in wider networks.”

—Peter Huber, President Director, Zurich Topas Life
2016, 2017 TEDxUbud Sponsor


“Such a mind-blowing event. From the venue, speakers, meals, ambiance, to all the inspiring stories told. We had an incredibly spectacular experience at TEDxUbud.”

—Petrus Hidayat, TIME International
2014, 2016 TEDxUbud Sponsor


“The TED conference has endorsed two key notions. One: The pursuit of knowledge is of lifelong importance. Two: The power of networks only gets stronger if you include others. Steelcase benefits from being part of this network of great thinkers. Not only as we pursue our own vibrancy, but as we help make the environment of learning better for all attendees.”

—James P. Hackett, President and CEO, Steelcase Inc.